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T.O.M. GIS Routing



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Transportation Operations Manager (T.O.M.) GIS Routing is a full function routing, mapping and boundary analysis software product. T.O.M. GIS Routing is a new breed of school transportation routing products that bring GIS technology to school districts. Unlike most traditional routing products T.O.M. GIS Routing does not use a proprietary mapping tool. Instead T.O.M. was built to use the industry standard GIS mapping tool; ESRI�s ArcView which STN Magazine called �the de facto industry standard�. By using ArcView T.O.M. GIS Routing allows you to obtain a detailed GIS enabled street map for you school district from a variety of sources. Many times you may even be able to obtain a FREE GIS street map of your school district from your local city or county. No longer do you have to pay your routing software company to create and maintain a computer street map of your school district. Also because Gecko did not have to invest in developing a mapping component Gecko was able to offer the T.O.M. GIS Routing software for very competitive price!


The T.O.M. software family is well known around the country for its unique combination of ease to use software and a surprisingly rich amount of features. You will find this same combination in the T.O.M. GIS Routing. You�ll also find advanced features that other software products offer for additional costs come standard with T.O.M. GIS Routing. Advanced features such as Web based routing information inquiry (known in T.O.M. as WebRoutes) and powerful Boundary Analysis. It all adds up to a valuable tool for a reasonable cost, just what you would expect from a T.O.M. product!




Assess student transportation eligibility.
Find students, stops, and schools on map.
Auto assigns students to closest stop.
Easily assign stops to a run and runs to a route.
Comprehensive student information.
Comprehensive special needs information & warnings.
Boundaries, walk-zones, hazardous streets.
Generate stop times and driver directions for runs.
Allows WEB look up of transportation eligibility, school placement and bus stop location and times.



Benefits of T.O.M. GIS Routing

Improve Dispatching and Routing Efficiency.
Improve communications to your drivers and parents.
Lower your district�s transportation costs.
Improves the quality of your boundary and walk zone analysis.



System Requirements


Processor: 300 MHz (or higher)
Memory: 128 MB RAM
Hard drive: 500 MB of Available Hard Drive Space.
Display: 17� Monitor (or larger), 1024x768 resolution
Zip drive or CD-RW
10/100 network adapter card
Windows 98/98SE, Windows NT 4.0 (SP 6a), Windows 2000, and Window XP (see Known Issues note below)


Processor: 500 MHz Pentium 4 (or higher)
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Hard drive: 1 GB of Available Hard Drive Space, Disk drives that deliver fast data access (e.g. Ultra ATA, SCSI, and so on) are highly recommended due to the nature of GIS data. Recommended available hard drive space depends largely on the size of the map data.
Display: 17� Monitor (or larger), 1024x768 resolution, true color monitor and video card (at least 16 MB of memory for the video card)
Zip drive or CD-RW
10/100 network adapter card
Windows 98/98SE, Windows NT 4.0 (SP 6a), Windows 2000, and Window XP (see Known Issues note below)



Note: Windows 98/98SE, Windows NT 4.0 (SP 6a), Windows 2000, and Window XP (see Known Issues for ArcView 3.2, 3.2a, and 3.3 on Windows XP at: http://www.esri.com/software/arcview/knownissues.html




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"T.O.M. GIS Routing has really helped our routing task. T.O.M. is very easy and it does so much."


Betty Newman
Transportation Manager
Madison Elementary School District
Phoenix, AZ

"T.O.M. really works! The automatic assignment of drivers and buses is a wonderful feature. Last week I clicked one button and T.O.M. automatically assigned all of the drivers and vehicles for 90 field trips! I really like T.O.M.?s reports too!"


Sue Collins
Hillsboro School District
Hillsboro, Oregon


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