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What Our Customers Are Saying!


We listen to our customers. We have been very successful for the past 8 years by listening and developing quality products. Here's what they have to say...



T.O.M. really works! The automatic assignment of drivers and buses is a wonderful feature. Last week I clicked one button and T.O.M. automatically assigned all of the drivers and vehicles for 90 field trips! I really like T.O.M.?s reports too!


Sue Collins
Hillsboro School District
Hillsboro, Oregon



I absolutely love the T.O.M. software! It has alleviated so much stress in my life!


Donna Werge
Transportation Coordinator
Mount Olive Township BOE
Hackettstown, New Jersey



WebTrips has simplified the paperwork required for all field trips and made scheduling MUCH easier. It has also speeded up the approval process for field trips since we do not have to depend on the mail courier service.


Dan Davis,
Transportation Director
Bowling Green School District
Bowling Green, OH



T.O.M. GIS Routing has really helped our routing task. T.O.M. is very easy and it does so much.


Betty Newman
Transportation Manager
Madison Elementary School District
Phoenix, AZ



'I LOVE T.O.M.', T.O.M. helps to make my day at work a better one.


Deborah Cole



We have been using T.O.M. since 1998 and we live and die by it! From billing to automatically assigning drivers to trips T.O.M. does it all. Some months we do as much as 200 trips and it?s no problem with T.O.M.


Donald Wells
Field Trip Coordinator
Muhlenberg County Board of Education
Greenville, KY



I think WebTrips is just wonderful. It has drastically reduced phone calls from the schools on field trip questions. My schools have been really impressed with having destination choices programmed in and how easy it is to figure out the budgeting and funding


Deborah MayEvergreen School DistrictSan Jose, CA



The TOM WebTrips program has been hugely successful for our district. We have 107 schools, 14 approval paths, and the capability to directly export billing data to our district's accounting system. And, on top of that, Gecko's commitment to technical support is the best that I have experienced. Our district's field trip system has become a model of accountability, efficiency, and performance.



Jim Faron
Coordinator for Scheduling
Austin ISD
Austin, TX



The T.O.M. Field Trip Software is beyond my wildest dreams, an excellent program ? thank you for creating this program, I can't wait to show it off to about 12 other school districts, ...this will be a work saver.


Thomas Kurtz
Burlington County Special Services School
Mount Holly, NJ



T.O.M. is great! I love the reports of T.O.M.. Our schools LOVE T.O.M.?s report. Now they can easily track their fund balances and field trip activity. Billing are field trips is so easy with T.O.M.


Linda Simpier
Highline School District
Burien, WA



Thanks for all you do to make our lives ?out there? a bit more manageable!


Cindy Kidder
Vancouver School District
Vancouver, WA




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